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English News Outlets in Brazil

Folha De S.Paulo is the biggest newspaper in Brazil and also provides news online in Spanish and English. Access to the English version is free of charge. The Rio Times

The Rio Times is the biggest English-language newspaper in all Latin America and since 2017 it is being published exclusively online. Covering beyond local and national events, it also provides news and information about Latin America. Access to the online The Rio Times is subscription-based with 3 available levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Brazilian Report

The Brazilian Report was founded in 2017 by Gustavo Ribeiro is also only available online. It is subscription-based and offers a 7-day free trail period. After that one can choose between LITE, STANDART and PREMIUM Subscriptions. Agência Brasil

Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC) was founded in 2007 and is a Brazilian national broadcasting cooperation that owns TV and radio stations as well as news agencies all around Brazil. Agência Brasil is their online news portal, and it is free of charge. Beside these English news information sources here in Brazil, you can also just use the translation options on any other local newspaper. And most of them are free of charge to read.


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