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Free Native Brazilian Plants

Brasilia is located in the biome of the Cerrado, a vast tropical ecoregion. It contains some beautiful flowers, bushes and trees, like the colorful Ipê with their white, golden yellow, lavender, bright pink and red flowers. Unfortunately, there are also many introduced trees like pine trees and the Australian gum trees, brought back by Captain Cook when returning from Australia to England.

In 2015 the Brasilia government established a nursery in Lago Norte, Viveiro do Lago Norte. This is a partnership between the government, private companies and the community to promote environmental education and the replanting of trees. So far over 50,000 tree seedlings have been distributed free of charge to the general public and 14,000 have been planted around Brasilia by community groups.

You can go and visit the nursery and have a look at the operation. And you can pick up some seedlings free of charge and do your thing for the environment.

The Brasilia Hash House Harriers are proud to support Viveiro do Lago Norte with donations that they collect during their “Hashers Not Trashers” cleanup events.


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