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Mosquito Traps - DIY

While you can buy electronic mosquito traps, there is a much cheaper option and you can make it yourself in a matter of minutes. All what you need is a empty 2 liter plastic bottle, some brown sugar, a gram of yeast, some tape and a piece of black plastic (garbage bag) Now do the following: 1. Cut the plastic bottle in half around the middle. 2. Fill a coffee cup to about ¼ with brown sugar and put into a bowl. 3. Now fill the coffee cup with hot water and mix it into the bowl with sugar so it will dissolve. 4. Let the solution cool down and poor the mixture in the bottom half of the bottle. 5. Add 1 gram of yeast. 6. Flip the top of the bottle, push it into the bottom half of the bottle and tape the two pieces together. 7. Now wrap the black plastic around the bottle to increase the effectiveness of the trap. 8. Place the bottle in a shaded part in the garden, away from the patio or were people hang out. The mosquitos will be attracted by the CO2 the sugar and yeast are producing. They will enter the trap through the funnel and drown in the water. And don’t forget to change the solution every two weeks.


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