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Power Voltage in Brasilia

In Brazil there is no standard voltage. Most Brazilian states (about 60% of all Brazilian households) use 127V electricity, but some others – mainly in northeastern – states are on 220V. Even within some states themselves, the voltage may differ. In Brasilia the power voltage is 220V and a frequency of 60 hertz. Electrical equipment with 240V will run without problems here in Brasilia.

Power Voltage in Brasilia

If you are coming from a country where the voltage is 120V, like the USA, it is possible to buy step up voltage transformers so you can use your electrical equipment here. Make sure you consult with your local electrical store when buying a transformer to ensure you have the Hz necessary for your appliance (for example, a refrigerator will require a more powerful transformer than a hair dryer). If you should make the mistake to plug a 110V devise into a 220V electrical outlet, most of the time it is an easy fix as most devises have a fuse. In case they do not have a fuse, it is most likely that one or two of the devises’ resistors are blown which is also easily fixed. Security Warning Due to frequent power outages, especially during the rainy season, it is advised that you connect your electrical equipment to power surge protectors. These are readily available in hardware and electrical stores here in Brasilia.


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