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Scam Alert - Brasilia Airport Rideshares

When you arrive in Brasilia International Airport there are Uber pickup locations on the upper level. These pickup locations are also shared by other rideshare companies. Most people head there after they picked up their luggage and head to the pickup spots marked A, B or C and once they arrived, they call an Uber via the app. Now it is not uncommon that while you walk to the pickup spot you will be approached by a person claiming that they are an Uber driver and are ready to take you to your destination for a set price. Well, that set price is way over what a real Uber driver would charge you. It’s a scam. DO NOT ACCEPT RIDES WHEN YOU ARE APPROCHED IN THE BRASILIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Besides paying a higher price for the ride, you are also very vulnerable to be robbed of your possessions or worse, especially if you are female.

So if you want to take a Uber, or another rideshare company, from the airport, always book your ride through the app. The app will tell you the make, model and license plate of your booked car. So please check if the car that picks you up matches with the information on your app.


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