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Suspension of Brazilian Driver License

This is about people with Brazilian driver license; if you are diplomate or any related diplomatic profession, and you have a car or motorcycle with blue plates, you can still be fined for traffic violations. You must pay the fine, but you will not collect points and are under no circumstances under the threat to lose your license. If you have a Brazilian driver’s license and drive in Brasilia, the chances that you will get speeding or parking tickets is very high. There is a crazy amount of speed cameras in Brasilia and sometimes you look more on your car or motorcycle speedo than on the road.

We have several articles in the General Information category about how you can check online how many points you have accumulated and how to pay your speeding tickets, but this is all about how many points you need to reach to lose your license. Until 2020 you only needed 20 points within 12 months to lose your license, but new rules were introduced in June 2020, increasing the points. There are now 4 different classifications: 1. If you reach 20 points within 12 months and 2 of the infringements are categorized as “gravíssimas” (very serious). 2. If you reach 30 points within 12 months and 1 of the infringements is categorized as “gravíssimas” (very serious). 3. If you reach 40 points within 12 months and 0 infringements are categorized as “gravíssimas” (very serious). 4. Other specific reasons as per the Brazilian Traffic Code. If you lose your license because of points, you will be banned from driving for 6 month and must re-sit the driving course, which can be a costly and timely experience. For more information about the Brazilian Traffic Code, please click on the website link. The section about losing your license with points is in Article 261.


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